12 V To Mobile Charger 3 Amp
12 V To Mobile Charger 3 Amp
  • Parts List:- Voltage Regulator LM2576 5V
  • Diode IN5408 , Diode IN5822
  • Capacitor 100uf/63V , 470uf/10V ,
  • Inductor 100uh/3amp
  • Resistor 150ohm , LED
  • USB Female Port

For the electronics hobbyist tackling switching voltage regulators can be daunting. They can be complex and touchy to build. But this is very simple switching voltage regulators based on 5-pin LM25XX series manufactured by a number of companies. They come in both fixed and variable voltages. The LM2576 is rated at 3 amp while the LM2575 is rated at 1 amps

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