DC To DC Converter Circuit Diagram

DC To DC converter in electronic circuits uses switching technology. Switched mode DC-DC converter circuit converts the DC voltage level by storing the input energy temporarily and then releases that energy at different voltage output. The storage is done either in magnetic field components like an inductor, transformers or electric field components like capacitors. This conversion method can increase or decrease the voltage level.

Here is an interesting circuit of 1.5 V to 5 V Boost converter Circuit to generate stable and secure 5V DC (at 500mA max) from an ordinary 1.5V AA sized cell. At the heart of this circuit is transistor  Read More….

A Step-up circuit receives a lower voltage and produces a higher Output to be used where that higher voltage is not available. DC To DC Voltage Booster Circuit have lots of uses Read More….

Hello friends with this 9v to battery to mobile charger circuit you can easily charge your mobile. This circuit gives you 5-volt output with 300ma to 500ma current.Because 9-volt battery easily  Read More….

The LM2575 circuit is a simple step down dc regulated switching IC that can use to output current of 1A and voltage of 3.3V, 5V, 12V,15V ,and also an adjustable output. Read More…

For the electronics hobbyist tackling switching voltage regulators can be daunting. They can be complex and touchy to build. But this is very simple switching voltage regulators based on 5-pin  Read More….

A Dc To Dc boost converter is a DC-to-DC power converter that steps up voltage from its input to its output. It is a class of switched-mode power supply containing at least two semiconductors Read More….

It requires only a few external components. The IC consists of many good features and functions. Built inside its circuitry which are, built-in 3A NPN switch at output, 52 kHz oscillator, current  Read More….

As the name implies, high current power supplies can deliver large amounts of current to a load. High current power supplies can be of two basic types: high current linear power supplies, and high Read More….