• Parts List:-Transistor 2n3055 1pc
  • Diode D1-IN4007 1pc
  • Capacitor 1000uf to 4700uf 25 to 50volt
  • Resistor VR1-1k variable control
  • Toroid from Old CFL
  • Insulated copper wire between 20 AWG to 30 AWG

This is very easy and effective DC to DC booster circuit with Transistor 2n3055 its input supply is 1.2volt to 3.7 volt and output more than 12 volt. output current and voltage depends on input supply also. If input supply 1.5 1500 ma than output will be 12volt 200ma(aprox.). You can make inductor on Toroid of OLD CFL 22-0-22 turn with 20awg to 30awg wire. See video for detail.

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