Automatic Emergency Light
  • Parts List:- Transistor 2n2222 1pc
  • LED 1 Watt 1pc
  • Diode IN4007 2pc
  • Resistor 2.2ohm, 1k 1/4watt
  • Battery 3.7 volt (18650 or any mobile battery)

Hello friends this is a very easy circuit for automatic emergency light. when light gone its automatically on and when light comes it will off and charge your battery slowly (100ma) .

5 volt capacitor power supply
  • Parts List for power supply
  • Diode IN4007 4pc, Zener diode 5 volt 1watt 1pc
  • Capacitor 100uf/16v , 105/400volt
  • Resistor 1mega 1/4watt

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