• Parts List:- Voltage Regulator LM2577
  • Inductor: 100uh/3amp
  • Schottky diode: IN5822
  • Capacitor: .1uf/63volt , .33uf/63volt , 330uf/63volt
  • Resistor: 2.2k 2pc 1/4watt, 100k Variable Control

It requires only a few external components. The IC consists of many good features and functions. Built inside its circuitry which are, built-in 3A NPN switch at output, 52 kHz oscillator, current limit function, automatic overheat shutdown, automatic over-voltage shutdown etc. The input voltage of the circuit is 3.5V to 40V DC. You can adjust the output voltage with a 100K variable resistor. The max output voltage of the circuit is 60V DC. You can adjust the output voltage changing input supply and with 100k variable control. The max output current of the circuit is 3A. For receiving 3A current it is essential to use a 100uH 3A inductor.

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