Simple DIY Electronics Projects

Friends in this article you can find many simple DIY electronics projects. Now a days children are very curious  to learn creative and technical projects. Schools are assigning interesting  projects to the students to increase their knowledge technically.

List of  projects shown here are a great way to demonstrate important concepts in electronics. you can click on any project link and details about project with circuit diagram and you can also watch video on that project.

Circuit diagram of the LM386 based audio amplifier is shown in the circuit. It is built around popular amplifier LM386 and 8-ohm, one-watt speaker (LS1), four capacitors and a few other components.Read More….

Definition of automatic pump control. The starting and stopping of a pump by a mechanism actuated by the level of water in the tank or pump. Read More….

Hey Friends its summer here and temperatures rising as high as 45 degree To 50 degree celsius.. coolers are out. In the Cooler water is carried on from a lower tub to an upper tub for draining it on to a special grass fixed on the walls, now this requires a pump of Read More….

Wireless Power Transmission technology is old technology and it was demonstrated by “Nikola Telsa” ( Wireless electercity tesla ). Wireless power transmission mainly uses three main  Read More….

This Digital password door lock circuit diagram is a key code lock switch circuit, type of electronic circuit. To replace a conventional normal key switch, without inserts keys But you can press the   Read More…

Friends, In This article i will show you how to make a magic / continuity tester at home .with the help of this circuit you can change your Simple tester into a magic tester or continuity tester.With the Read More….

Friends, when you are working at desktop or laptop and suddenly mouse or keyboard stopped working. We hate this type of situation. You know it is because of batteries but at the same time Read More.

Induction heating is the process of heating an electrically conducting object by electromagnetic induction, through heat generated in the object by eddy currents. An induction  Read More….

Simple DIY Electronics Projects

The water level indicator circuit is defined as a system that gets information about the water level in tanks. By using the water level indicator with alarm circuit diagram we can overcome the .Read More…

A personal FM transmitter is a low-power FM radio transmitter that broadcasts a signal from a portable audio device (such as an MP3 player) to a standard FM radio. … Read More….

A variety of humidity tester circuits are available, but this is a circuit that is as simple as possible. Using only a transistor, LED and resistor, this Simple Soil Moisture sensor circuit can be used to Read More….

Hello Guys, today i will show you how to make digital dice circuit diagram using 555 timer and using ic 4017. For playing that when we turn on power supply to circuit. Read More….

I am using two different circuits for this. I made the Water Level Indicator circuit with IC ULN 2003.2nd circuit for Pump Control made with IC555. This circuit will off the pump when Tank is Full Read More….

Clap switch is an interesting hobby circuit which turns on the lights with a clap sound. Condenser Mic basically converts sound energy into electrical energy, that in turns used to trigger IC 4017….  Read More…..

Hello Friends! Today we are going to perform an experiment on Li-Fi. First I’m going to tell you in brief about Li-Fi project. Li-Fi (short for light fidelity) is wireless communication technology  Read More…..

This Touch Switch Circuit Diagram is built around a 555 timer by making use of the default properties of the Pins of the 555 Timer IC. With the help of this circuit, you can turn ON and OFF a device Read More…..