In This article I will explain about Simple LED Light Projects. You  can make at home. These circuits and projects have already been tested and published along with circuit diagram, schematics, and a detailed working description for each one of them. For details you can watch my video.

Circuit Diagram LED Light Projects

This is very simple circuit diagram with the help of this circuit you can get 40-100 MA current depends on Capacitor C1 so no need any heatsink with LED

simple led light projects
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Parts List

  • Diode IN4007 4 pc,
  • Capacitor 474/250V or 105/400V, C2-10uf To 100uf/50V,
  • Resistor R1-10ohm 1 watt or you can drop it, R2-1mega 1/4w, R3-100 to 470 ohm 1watt,
  • LED 1Watt or 1/2 Watt

This circuit automatically turn on at night and turn off at day time. Finally, after searching through numerous circuits the internet, I figured that an effective, small and cheap circuit could be Read More…….

Watch Video For Details