WPT technology is old technology and it was demonstrated by “Nikola Telsa”. Wireless power transmission mainly uses three main systems such as microwaves, solar cells, and resonance. Microwaves are used in an electrical device to transmit electromagnetic radiation from a source to a receiver. Accurately the name WPT states that the electrical power can be transferred from a source to a device without using wires. Basically, it includes two coils they are a transmitter coil & a receiver coil. Where the transmitter coil is powered by AC current to create a magnetic field, which in turn induces a voltage in the receiver coil.

The basics of wireless power transmission include the inductive energy that can be transmitted from a transmitter coil to a receiver coil through an oscillating magnetic field. The DC current supplied by a power source is changed into high-frequency AC current by particularly designed electronics built into the transmitter. In the TX (transmitter) section, the AC current increases a copper wire, which creates a magnetic field. Once an RX (Receiver) coil is located near to the magnetic field, then the magnetic field can induce an AC current in the receiving coil. Electrons in the receiving device convert the AC current back into DC current, which becomes working power.


Wireless Electricity Circuit

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