1.5v to 220V inverter circuit with Mobile charger transformer. In this project, we are going to make a very easy & simple low power inverter.  We have used various electronic-components to make this easy & simple project. 

Even this project can be made with scrap electronic-components available at your own home. Inverters are used to convert DC current(the word DC stands for direct current) into AC current(the term AC stands for Alternative current). 

An inverter circuit is used to alter/change the DC power to AC power. You can make this electronic-project without any problem or hesitation but it is an experimental electronic circuit

3.7v to 220v Inverter Circuit Diagram

3.7v to 220v inverter circuit diagram
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Parts List For 1.5v To 220v Inverter Circuit

  • Mobile Charger Transformer
  • Transistor MJE2955/BD140 or you can Use any PNP Transistor
  • Resistor 100 ohm 1/4watt or 1/2watt
  • Switch
  • Battery 1.5 v to 4v any or you can use Mobile Battery( Use 3.7 or 4V battery for 5Watt LED bulb )
  • 1watt to 5watt 220V AC Bulb

How To Make 3.7v To 220v Inverter Circuit Watch The Video