With the help of this circuit you can change any LED Bulb into Emergency LED Bulb. This is a very simple emergency led bulb circuit diagram. Backup time of this led bulb is 4-5 Hr. We are using 3 1Watt White LED with this circuit normally 1 watt led is 3.2V and Current 300ma maximum. with help of this circuit all 3 LED’s will consume 500-600ma so 18650battery(2650mah) will give 4-5hr backup

Emergency LED bulb circuit diagram
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How Emergency LED Bulb Circuit Works

It works like the general emergency light; it fixtures are used to automatically provide lighting in the event of a power outage. This emergency LED Bulb Circuit do not uses the relay to ON-OFF the lamp. But use the transistor, it acts as the switch ON-OFF instead. Working began from AC power is fed into the circuit. The Capacitor C1 will reduce the AC voltage 220V to lower volts. The AC low voltage will be rectified by Bridge Rectifier. Then DC voltage will flow to Diode D1 and D2 to the battery. The charger current of circuit will set at 100 mA When plugged into the circuit, the LEDs are not lit. Because the base lead of transistor Q1 get Reverse Bias has higher voltage than the emitter leads. The transistor will “OFF” own conduct. But when the power outage at the base leg voltage is reduced resistor R3 full down pull current makes transistor “ON” have current flow from the battery. Makes LED glow up. The current from battery will do not feedback to the Charging Section Because there is diode D1 block the current by connected the reverse bias between the battery and Charging Circuit.

Parts List For Emergency Light Circuit

  1. Capacitor C1 225/400Volt, C2 100uf/25volt
  2. Diode 4pc For Bridge Rectifier and D1-D2 all 1N4007
  3. Transistor Q1 BD140
  4. Resistor R1 1Mega, R2 470 Ohm, R3 1k all Resistor 1/4watt
  5. Led Red 1pc, 1watt white LED 3pc
  6. 3.7volt rechargeable battery ( 18650 or any Mobile Battery)
  7. Small switch any
  8. Any Used Old LED Bulb

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Easy Emergency Light Circuit Diagram Showing Components Connection

With the help of this circuit anyone can make this emergency led bulb circuit because here I showed Simplest circuit with images of all components and connections

LED intelligent bulb circuit diagram

How To make Emergency Led Bulb Circuit Watch the Video