With the help of this article you can make a Remote Control Light Bulb From your old used LED bulb. I used 18pc 1Watt 3.2 volt LED to make this Remote Control LED Bulb and used Simple RGB Strip Controller to operate this LED Bulb with Remote Control. You adjust the light from 3 watt to 18 watt with the help of remote

Connection Diagram For Remote Control Light Bulb With RGB Strip Controller

This is a very simple Remote Control Light Bulb Circuit Diagram. I shown all components in there original image so any one can understand easily. 

We are using 9volt battery with RGB Controller because If we do not use the battery, then whenever the light goes out or we turn off the power switch and when the light comes on again or switch on, it goes to the function mode. But with the help of the battery we solved this problem.

Power consumption of this RGB Controller is only some milliampere so the battery can power it comfortably from 6 months to a year and LED will Glow with the help of 12volt 2.5amp Power supply

Remote Control light bulb circuit diagram
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Transistor BD140 PINOUT

Transistor bd140 pinout

This Touch Switch Circuit Diagram is built around a 555 timer by making use of the default properties of the Pins of the 555 Timer IC. With the help of this circuit, you can turn ON and OFF a device by simply touching the Touch Plates or Wire Read More…….

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Parts List For Remote Control LED Bulb Circuit

  1. RGB Strip Light Controller With Remote 1pc
  2. 12 volt 2-3 ampere Power Supply 1pc
  3. 9 Volt Battery 1pc
  4. Transistor BD140 3pc
  5. Resistor 1k 1/4watt 3pc
  6. 1watt 3.2 Volt LED 18pc

Watch This Video For Making Process of Remote Control LED Bulb