Simple Inverter Circuit

Simple Inverter Circuit Diagram Square Wave With IC CD 4047

Here is the simple inverter circuit below is a simple circuit diagram of a CD4047 Push Pull inverter that uses only a few components. It can provide AC power of 100W to 150W with 10V to 12V battery and center tape transformer (12V-0V-12V, 5A).

The integrated circuit (IC) CD4047 is connected as an astable multivibrator. The two oscillating outputs are out of phase, the 50K variable resistor determines the oscillation frequency. Power MOSFETs (IRFZ44) amplify each half of the AC voltage produced by the oscillator into an output power transformer that steps up the voltage from 12V DC to 230V AC.

However, you can increase the output power up to 1000W or more by adding more power MOSFETs in parallel, a larger power transformer, and a larger battery power bank.

Simple Inverter Circuit Diagram CD4047

Simple Inverter Circuit Diagram square wave inverter circuit with ic cd 4047

Parts List for Square Wave Inverter Circuit

  1. IC CD 4047 1pc
  2. Mosfet Q1-Q2 IRFZ44
  3. Capacitor C1 1000uf/25V, C2 100nf (104) , C3 474/400Volt
  4. Resistor R1 1K, R2 330 ohm, R3 10K, R4 1K, R5-R6 470 ohm all 1/4 watt
  5. Variable Resistor VR 50K
  6. LED 5mm any Color
  7. Transformer 12-0-12 3-5Amp use 5 ampere for better result
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