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DIY EMF ( Electromagnetic Field) Meter, Ghost Detector There are two types of currents with which the electromagnetic fields are created – direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). The EMF meters measure the electromagnetic fields that are produced by AC. To create it more clearly, it’s the type of current that surges through electrical

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How To Make an Inductor

What is Inductor | Inductor Symbol | Types of Inductors | Inductor Formula | Relative Magnetic Permeability In this article I will try to explain everything about inductor:- what is inductor, inductor Symbol, Inductor Formula, Types of Inductor, Relative magnetic permeability, inductor uses, what is inductance and many other things about inductor What is Inductor

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5 in 1 Gadget

Diy 5 in 1 Gadget:- Inverter 220v, Emergency Light, Power bank, Torch,Variable Power supply Hello Friends, This is a very interesting Diy 5 in 1 gadget for you. You can carry this gadget anywhere with you. Features of this gadget as below 220 Volt Inverter Variable Power Supply 4V-27V Power Bank For Mobile Charging Emergency

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