Hello guys, welcome again to some other Arduino tutorial. In today’s tutorial, We will make Arduino Fingerprint Scanner with Arduino UNO, and we are able to likely make a easy sensible instance of this sensor, so let’s analyze together!

What is FingerPrint Scanner Module

The fingerprint sensor is one type of sensor that’s utilized in a fingerprint detection tool. These gadgets are particularly in-built withinside the fingerprint detection module and it’s far used for laptop protection. 

The essential functions of this tool particularly encompass accuracy, higher performance, robustness primarily based totally on one of a kind fingerprint biometric technology

Both fingerprint scanner in any other case reader is an exceptionally safe & appropriate tool for protection in place of a mystery word. Because the password is straightforward to test and additionally it’s far difficult to maintain in mind.

R307 Fingerprint Sensor Pinout

R307 fingerprint sensor pinout
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R307 Fingerprint Scanner Specifications

Type: Optical 
Sensor Life: 100 million times
Static indicators: 15KV
Backlight: Blue
Interface: USB2.0/UART(TTL logical level)
RS232 communication baud rate: 9600BPS~115200BPS changeable
Image Capture Surface 15×11(mm)
Verification Speed:  0.2 sec
Scanning Speed: 0.3 sec
Character file size:  256 bytes
Template size:  512 bytes
Storage capacity: 1000
Security level: 3 (1,2,3,4,5(highest))
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) :≤0.0001%
False Rejection Rate (FRR): ≤0.1%
Resolution 500 DPI
Voltage :4.2–6VDC (or 3.3V)
Working current: Typical ≤75mA
Matching Method:  1: N
Operating Environment Temperature: -20 to 50 degrees

Step 1-Watch Video

Installing the Adafruit Fingerprint Sensor Library

The easiest way to control the fingerprint sensor module with the Arduino is by using the Adafruit library for this sensor. Follow the next instructions to install the library:

  1. Click here to download the Adafruit Fingerprint Sensor library. You should have a .zip folder in your Downloads folder
  2. Unzip the .zip folder and you should get Adafruit-Fingerprint-Sensor-Library-master folder
  3. Rename your folder from  Adafruit-Fingerprint-Sensor-Library-master folder to  Adafruit_Fingerprint_Sensor_Library folder
  4. Move the folder to your Arduino IDE installation libraries folder
  5. Finally, re-open your Arduino IDE

Arduino Fingerprint Scanner Connection Diagram

arduino fingerprint scanner connection diagram with arduino uno connection diagram with arduino uno

The connections part is very very simple, this fingerprint sensor has 6 wires, out of which we only 4 wires are useful, for arduino interfacing, out of which 2 wires will be used for power and 2 for data.


  • Red to 5v,
  • Black to GND,
  • Yellow to pin D2
  • White to pin D3

Connect Both LED Negetive side with arduino Ground PIN and Green LED Positive Side with 150 Ohm 1/4watt Resistor with Arduino Pin No 8 and Red LED Positive Side With 150 Ohm Resistor with Arduino Pin No. 9

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Include the Adafruits Fingerprint Library

To complete this project or tutorial, we will need “Adafruit’s Fingerprint” library, which you can find attached in this step or Google it.

To install that library, follow these steps:

Add the library by selecting Add ZIP under SKETCH menu, INCLUDE Library options.

  • Open arduino IDE
  • Now, select the .zip file from the location where we downloaded the file!

Enroll the Finger Prints

Watch Video to see how to enroll. First we need to enroll the fingers into the EPROM of our Sensor module, so we will follow these steps to enroll our fingerprints.

select the enroll example.

  • Open Arduino IDE
  • Under the FILE menu, and Examples, find the Adafruit’s fingerprint library.
  • Upload the enroll example.
  • Open the Serial Monitor.
  • Select the baud rate to be 9600.
  • Enter the Finger Print ID number when the serial monitor prompts to enter the fingerprint id number.
  • Place the finger you need to enroll on the sensor.
  • Place the finger again on the sensor once prompted by serial monitor.

Upload the Main Code To Interface LED

Download The code from link below and upload in Arduino UNO. Watch the video for details