I’ll show you how to make a simple adjustable constant current load in this small project. This system is useful for evaluating the power of Chinese Li-Ion batteries. You may also use a load to assess how stable your power supply is.

Dummy Load Circuit Diagram

18650 battery capacity tester circuit diagram
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Parts List For Battery Capacity Tester Circuit

  1. IC LM358 1pc
  2. Q1 Mosfet IRFZ44N
  3. VR Variable Resistor 500k
  4. R1 Resistor 1 ohm 5watt

PCB Layout For Constant Current Load

You can download this paper and print on A4 paper and cut any color PCB and paste it on Vero Board Watch video For Details or you can download gerber file from link below

pcb layout for dummy dc constant load circuit

How to Make Battery Capacity Tester Circuit Watch the Video