DIY EMF ( Electromagnetic Field) Meter, Ghost Detector

There are two types of currents with which the electromagnetic fields are created – direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). The EMF meters measure the electromagnetic fields that are produced by AC. To create it more clearly, it’s the type of current that surges through electrical devices we use every day, such as the TV and microwave. The main feature of the alternating current that creates the electromagnetic field that the EMF measures are that this type of current moves in two directions up to fifty to sixty times in a minute, where the direct current is static and cannot be measured by most of the EMF models industrial workers use.

What is EMF Detector?

EMF detector is a test and measurement apparatus that is used in different industrial applications for detecting problems in electrical wiring and power lines. The EMF meter gives information about the workflow in the electromagnetic field by measuring electromagnetic radiation flux density (DC). Moreover, this instrument can track the changes in the electromagnetic field that occur over a confident period of time (AC fields).

How EMF Meter works as Ghost Detector

In this article we learn to make a simple ghost detector circuit or a paranormal being detector circuit for quickly investigating a possibly infested area.

Do you believe in the existence of ghosts? Well some of you may answer positively while some may just nod their heads showing sheer skepticism regarding the issue. Whatever may be the reactions; nobody just can’t deny or ignore the responses delivered from the circuit explained in this article.

Here we are discussing a super simple yet super sensitive paranormal activity sniffer circuit, which can be effectively and possibly used for detecting ghosts or similar supernatural existence. 

The circuit is ideally suited for areas that are prone to ghosts or likely of getting infested with similar para-natural sneakers.

From Where this Ideas Comes( What Paranormal Investigator Said about This EMF meter and why they are using this as a Ghost Detector)

“How it detects ghosts? Your guess is as good as mine,” said Keith Tupper, owner of K-II Enterprises.

It was made right here in Central New York. For more than 30 years, K-II Enterprises has been selling EMF readers.

Tupper and his team developed the Safe Range K-11 EMF Meter for people to detect electro magnetic fields, which can have negative effects on health. But about 15 years ago, a different kind of market started buying the meters.

“The names of companies are sometimes very unusual. This one was GH.OST. It never occurred to me that it was ghost!” said Tupper.

The meters were soon in demand by an unexpected market – the paranormal market. They were using the tool to communicate with ghosts.

“We don’t have a handle on why and all we know is what triggers us. We know an electromagnetic field passed through there. What generated it? Where it came from? Don’t know. But what we do know is that our instrument detected something,” said Tupper.

Keith says he’s seen things that are tough to explain. My friends and I thought we’d give it a try, trying to communicate with the paranormal. We took a trip to the Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse, where paranormal investigations have been conducted before.

As amateurs who know little to nothing about “ghost hunting,” we simply asked questions and waited for the meter to light up. Sometimes, in the middle of a dark, empty cemetery, the reader would light up. And sometimes, it would not.

So, what are some explanations for the reader spiking when there was no clear electrical source?

“You can move it this way, this way and this way, through the fields,” said Tupper.

The meter Tupper and his team created is called a single-plane reader.

“EMFs are emitted, if you think of it, coming from a motor in three planes, X, Y, and Z. We do what we call single-plane axis, but if you rotate the meter in your hand you’ll catch all three axes,” said Tupper.

If your reader spikes when you move it and stops when you move it again, it could be that it’s hitting one of the axis.

“It will pick up a stray electromagnetic field pulse that comes from a phone even from their [ghost hunters] pocket,” said Tupper.

Keith stands by the fact that his team created an instrument that simply detects EMFs. That’s it. But he’s seen some things that make him question what can’t be seen.

“I can’t deny it, I can’t confirm it. I can say our instruments only detect EMFs. So when it goes off, it detected a field. What’s the source it’s attributed to? That’s the question you have,” said Tupper.

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DIY EMF Meter Circuit Diagram

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diy EMF meter Circuit Diagram

Parts List for Ghost Detector Circuit

  1. Transistor BC547/BC548/2N2222 or any small NPN Transistor  9pc
  2. LED 5mm 2pc Yellow, 2pc Green, 1pc RED  and 1pc 3mm or 5mm any color for Power on LED
  3. Diode 1N4148 1pc
  4. Variable Resistor 50k 1pc
  5. Resistor 1M 1pc, 100K 1pc, 220ohm 1pc, 470 ohm 5pc, 1K 1pc, 2.2K 2pc, 3.3k 1pc, 4.7K pc all Resistor 1/4Watt
  6. Small on/off Swich
  7. Battery 9Volt
  8. Vero Board
  9. Approximate 10cm 1mm copper wire for antenna 

PCB Layout For EMF Meter

Just save or download this page and print on normal A4 Size Paper no need to any adjustment in size or you can download Gerber File from link below

best diy emf meter circuit

Watch Video For More Details about EMF Meter Making Process

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