Diy 5 in 1 Gadget:- Inverter 220v, Emergency Light, Power bank, Torch,Variable Power supply

Hello Friends, This is a very interesting Diy 5 in 1 gadget for you. You can carry this gadget anywhere with you. Features of this gadget as below

  1. 220 Volt Inverter
  2. Variable Power Supply 4V-27V
  3. Power Bank For Mobile Charging
  4. Emergency Light with very good Backup
  5. High Brightness Torch

You can use this circuit as a mini inverter its make 220V AC From 3.7V DC

Even this project can be made with scrap electronic-components available at your own home. Inverters are used to convert DC current(the word DC stands for direct current) into AC current(the term AC stands for Alternative current). 

An inverter circuit is used to alter/change the DC power to AC power. You can make this electronic-project without any problem or hesitation but it is an experimental electronic circuit Check Circuit Diagram For This Circuit Here

4V-27V Variable Power Supply( Voltage Booster Circuit )

I used a 1amp Voltage Booster Circuit For This You can also use High ampere Booster in this gadget

Mobile Power Bank

You can use any Power Bank Module in this Gadget it will also charge your battery

Emergency Light Circuit

I used 12 White Color LED for emergency light and used all the led’s in parallels with 4.7 ohm 1/2watt Resistor in series you can also use 4.7 ohm 1 watt resistor with this. I used 2pc  3.7 Volt batteries ( 2600-2800mah each )  it gives you more than 20hr backup

High Brightness Torch

I used 1watt 3.2volt White LED for Torch its gives you high Brightness. use 2.7 ohm 1/2watt or 1watt resistor in series with this LED

Connection Diagram For Diy 5 in 1 Gadget

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5 in 1 gadget, Inverter 220v, Emergency Light, Power bank, Torch, Variable Power supply

Watch Video for Details ( Making 5 in 1 Gadget )

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