Hey Friends its summer here and temperatures rising as high as 45 degree To 50 degree celsius.. coolers are out. 

In the Cooler water is carried on from a lower tub to an upper tub for draining it on to a special grass fixed on the walls, now this requires a pump of 50 watts at least and it consumes more energy and water if running continuously.

So I design this automatic cooler pump controller circuit or you can say this is a delay auto on-off timer circuit.

Automatic Cooler Pump Controller Circuit With Fixed Time

Automatic Cooler Pump Controller circuit
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Circuit Working of Automatic Cooler Pump Controller

This circuit is fixed time circuit for auto on and off Resistor R1 is time on Resistor and R2 is Time off Resistor. Time limit is controlled by Capacitor C1 Resistor R1 and R2. With the help of this circuit cooler pump on for approximate 3 min and off for approximate 11 min

Adjustable Automatic Cooler Pump Circuit

With the help of this circuit you can adjust the on time with VR1 and adjust the off time with VR2

Automatic Cooler Pump controller circuit

PCB Layout

Automatic Cooler Pump controller circuit

How to make Automatic Cooler Pump Circuit Click on Video