Hello, Friends, This is the Best battery level indicator Circuit Diagram. You can use this circuit with any battery 3.7v/4v/6v/9v/12v etc.. you can adjust VR1-VR4 according to voltage Level. See the full video for detail.

Explanation of Battery Level Indicator Circuit Diagram With LM324

A good quality battery monitor can also be made using a LM324 IC. LM324 independent low power operational amplifiers. In this circuit we have used all the four operational amplifiers, each op amp is working separately as a comparator to monitor a certain voltage point set by the 10K variable resistors.

The circuit is versatile and can be used to monitor just about any type and voltage of batteries, the tuning / adjustment for a desired battery can be done with the 10K variable resistors. For adjustments you will also require a adjustable power supply. 

Battery Level Indicator Circuit Diagram With IC LM324

Battery Level Indicator Diagram With IC LM324
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Parts List:

  • Parts List:- IC LM324 1pc
  • Zener Diode 2V or 3V 1pc
  • Resistor R1 10k, VR1-VR4 10K, R2 100ohm to 1K according to Battery
  • LED 4pc different colour or same colour

Lead Acid Battery Voltage Chart

The nominal voltage of lead acid is 2 volts per cell, however when measuring the open circuit voltage, the OCV of a charged and rested battery should be 2.1V/cell. Keeping lead acid much below 2.1V/cell will cause the buildup of sulfation. While on float charge, lead acid measures about 2.25V/cell, higher during normal charge.

lithium-ion battery voltage

The nominal voltage of lithium-ion is 3.60V/cell. Some cell manufacturers mark their Li-ion as 3.70V/cell or higher. This offers a marketing advantage because the higher voltage boosts the watt-hours on paper (voltage multiplied by current equals watts). The 3.70V/cell rating also creates unfamiliar references of 11.1V and 14.8V when connecting three and four cells in series rather than the more familiar 10.80V and 14.40V respectively. Equipment manufacturers adhere to the nominal cell voltage of 3.60V for most Li-ion systems as a power source.

Battery Voltage Chart

lithium ion battery voltage, lead acid battery voltage chart

Watch Video For Detail Battery Level Indicator Circuit