Hello Guys, today i will show you how to make digital dice circuit diagram using 555 timer and using ic 4017. For playing that when we turn on power supply to circuit. The LED will glow at either portion, since 1-6 LED, as place of real dice. 

When we press switch, all LED(7 LED) will flash jointly, with high-speed up. But whenwe release switch, LEDs will stop flash, then either led glow. 

Maybe since 1-6LEDs as form of the dice. In pressing switch each time, it will not glow at same position always. It will light at any point with uncertain. Therefore resembles much throw dice.

Digital Dice Circuit Diagram Using IC 4017

digital dice Circuit diagram
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Parts List For Digital Dice Circuit

  • IC 555 1pc, IC 4017 1pc
  • Diode D1-D9 IN4148
  • LED 7pc
  • Resistor 10k, 100k, 150k, 470ohm 1pc each
  • Capacitor .1uf/104
  • Switches:- 1 on-off Switch, 1 push to on switch
  • 9 volt Battery and Battery connector

Digital Dice Circuit Diagram Explanation

will see that the Digital dice circuit separated are 3 main section. There are the frequencies generator, the frequencies counter and LED display. In the frequencies counter With IC555 are set as high frequencies generator. 

Then, will be a normally open pushbutton to connects signal from the first sector to second sector. By the frequency counter which is used as CD4017 is the counter. 

Normally this IC number will be Decade counter with 10 decoded outputs IC. But in this IC we joint pin 5 and 15 together. Now only 6 output will work (Output Pin 3,2,4,7,10,1). 

Every time that we press Push Switch. Next, IC2 will change the output position. The matrix diode act as the divider output signal of IC to each place of LEDs since 1 to 6 LEDs. But why use 7 LEDs, because the position of the LED dice like that. 

Especially at the 1, 3, 5 pts. If use LED just 6 LED only will cause LED is not the centre does not look beautiful, so I added another one.you will easily make your digital dice circuit using ic 4017 with the help of the above circuit.

Digital Dice Led Connection Diagram

digital dice led connection diagram

How To Make Digital Dice Circuit Using 555 Timer Watch The video