Friends, In This article i will show you how to make a magic / continuity tester at home .with the help of this circuit you can change your Simple tester into a magic tester or continuity tester.

With the help of this circuit you can check continuity and other many components. How to check components please see video at same page 

Magic Tester / Continuity tester Circuit

How to make a magic/continuity tester at home
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Hello Friends! Today we are going to perform an experiment on Li-Fi. First I’m going to tell you in brief about Li-Fi project.Li-Fi (short for light fidelity) is wireless communication Continue Reading…

Parts List

  1.  Transistor Bc547, BC557
  2. Resistor 1M(1pc), 10k (1pc) all r 1/4 Watt
  3. LED(1Pc)
  4. Any Type Of Tester
magic wireless tester

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To Measure 12V to 220V AC and DC Voltage, For checking the phase line and neutral line, The extreme right displayed voltage is the voltage of the wire tested, To check the flow of current in an insulated wire from outside

How to make a magic/continuity tester at home

How To Make A Magic / Continuity Tester At Home Watch This Video

Part 2 With Full Explanation of Making Continuity tester at Home