Overload Protection Circuit | Over Current Protection Circuit

This circuit is a modified version of the My Previous Circuit (Simple Short Circuit Protection) this circuit not only protect your device from short circuit it also protect from overload and overcurrent

What is Overload 

The term “overload” describes a slight and gradual increase in current value over a relatively long period. For Example:-¬† This is due to the excessive amount of current drawn by the motor, which can be many times the rated current. This is caused by too much load on the motor. The systems are protected With the help of this overload protection Circuit you can protect your circuit from overload.

What is Over Current

The term “overcurrent” (sometimes called a short circuit or ground fault) describes a sudden and rapid increase in current over a short period (fractions of a second). Circuits and devices are protected from overcurrent with this over-current protection circuit.

Overload Protection Circuit | Over Current Protection Circuit Diagram

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overload protection circuit Diagram over current protection circuit diagram

Simple Overload Protection Circuit Diagram

over load protection circuit over current protection circuit with relay

Parts List

  1. Relay 1 Pc, Use Relay according to your circuit or device ( You can use Relay 5V To 24V as per your need )
  2. Q1 Transistor BC547 1Pc
  3. Resistor 1K 1/4watt, VR 100K
  4. Push Switch ( Push To On)
  5. LED Red & Green or you can use Bicolor LED

Note:- If Input is 5v you can use 5v relay if Input is 12v you have to use 12v relay and 24v relay for 24v Input

How To Make Overload, Over Current Protection Circuit Watch Video

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