Friends, when you are working at desktop or laptop and suddenly mouse or keyboard stopped working. We hate this type of situation. You know it is because of batteries but at the same time you can’t arrange batteries and it’s not good to buy batteries again and again. 

So in this article, I will explain how you can convert your normal wireless mouse and keyboard into rechargeable wireless mouse and keyboard and never have to purchase batteries for it ever again.

Working Voltage & Current For Rechargeable wireless mouse and keyboard

Mostly all wireless Mouse and Keyboard standby current is only 2.6 mA  and operating voltage (2.5 V–3.7 V)

So when we will use 3.7 volt battery its full battery voltage is 4.2 so we cant use this battery directly with wireless mouse and keyboard.

We have to use 3 volt voltage regulator with this or we can use only single Diode IN4007 with this battery it will drop .5 volt and now we can get 3.7 volt at output. See circuit diagram below

Rechargeable Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Connection Diagram

rechargeable mouse and keyboard
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Parts List

  1. 3.7 volt battery small size Between 100ma to 500ma
  2. TP4056 Charging Module Amazon / Banggood
  3. Diode IN4007  Amazon/ Banggood

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