What is Short Circuit Protection Circuit

Short circuit protection Circuit is often a desirable feature to add to power amplifiers or power supplies, for both safety concerns and protection of circuitry.

A common example of short-circuit is when positive and negative terminal of a battery or Power Supply are connected together with a low-resistance conductor, like a wire. In this condition, battery or Power supply can set to fire and can even explode. 

To avoid this short circuit condition, Short-circuit Protection Circuit is used. Short-circuit Protection Circuit will divert the flow of current or break the contact between the circuit and the power source. 

So here we are going to study and design circuit to avoid the damage due to short-circuit in it.

Simple Short Circuit Protection Circuit with Relay

This is the very simple short circuit protection circuit we made it with relay and some other components. you can use this circuit with any Fixed voltage Power Supply or Battery. 

Use Relay according to the Input Voltage and Load and also change Resistor R1 according to the Input Supply

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Short circuit protection circuit diagram with relay

Parts List For Short Circuit Protection Circuit With Relay

  1.  Relay 5V/6V/9V/12V/24V  as per your Requirement
  2. LED :- Red,Green
  3. Push Switch 
  4. Connector :- 2 pc
  5. Resistor R1 (Value in Circuit Diagram)1/4 Watt 
  6. And Some Wires

Every lab needs to be equipped with essential equipment. Out of all I would say power supply is most important since it powers up the projects. Batteries, DC adapters can do Continue Reading….

Short Circuit Protection Circuit For Variable Power Supply

We can use same circuit with some modification with our Variable Power Supply Circuit. This circuit will work at 7 volt to 35 volt input supply without any change.

We are using Voltage regulator 7805 and 5 volt relay in this circuit

Short circuit protection circuit diagram with relay

Parts List

  1.  Relay 3V If  Voltage Regulator 7803
  2. Relay 5V If Voltage Regulator 7805
  3. LED :- Red,Green
  4. Push Switch 
  5. Connector :- 2 pc
  6. Resistor R1 22-33 Ohm with 7803, 100 Ohm with 7805
  7. And Some Wires

PCB Layout for Short Circuit Protection Circuit

You can take Out print of this paper at A4 Paper Size 

PCB Layout for short circuit protection circuit

Watch Video For Details

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