Battery Powered Adjustable Power Supply Circuit

The power supply presented here is a pocket sized ” Battery Powered Adjustable Power Supply “. It is portable and fully functional. You not have to now carry all types of batteries like 5V, 9V, 12V, 24V etc.. you get frustrated when every time you need different type of batteries and Different type of adapter for each and every device. While working if electricity goes this is also a big problem. Now this power supply will solve all these problems. It comes handy when you do not want a heavy duty power supply.

This power Supply unit can be adjusted. You can adjust the output 4Volt – 27Volt and maximum current 2amp but you can modify this circuit according to your need. The circuit is extremely simple. This can be beginner’s first ever power supply unit. You must know Basics Of Electronics and you can make easily this gadget.

Battery Powered Adjustable Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Connection Diagram is very easy you can follow connection diagram below for make this gadget this gadget is a all in one battery pack or battery powered variable power supply

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battery powered adjustable power supply circuit diagram

Parts List For Battery Powered Variable Power Supply

  1. 18650 3.7 Volt Battery 2Pc
  2. Small Voltmeter
  3. Voltage Booster Module 2amp
  4. TP4056 Module
  5. On/Off Switch
  6. Led any color
  7. 220 Ω 1/4watt

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How To Make Battery Operated Variable Power Supply Watch Video

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