WIFI Router UPS Circuit | Mini UPS For WIFI Router Circuit

All People with a WIFI connection know their WIFI goes down whenever the power goes out. It is annoying when you are in an important meeting/webinar with Zoom, WebEx, or MS Teams, and there are interruptions due to power outages.

I have a solution for you this amazing DIY wifi router ups circuit. This circuit has an automatic switching option between the Power supply and battery pack and this mini ups for wifi router circuit diagram is very easy to make. The backup time of this wifi router ups is 8-10 hr so you can use this mini-ups for a long duration without any issues.

Wifi Router UPS Circuit Diagram

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diy wifi router ups circuit diagram mini ups circuit diagram 8-10 hour long duration backup

Parts List for mini ups for wifi router circuit

  1. Voltage Booster Module XL6009 2pc
  2. 3s BMS Circuit 1pc
  3. 18650 Battery 6pc
  4. Mosfet irf9540 1pc
  5. Resistor 1 Ohm 5 watt 1pc, 1k 1/4watt 2pc, 10k 1/4watt 1pc
  6. Diode 1N5822 3pc
  7. Switch on/off 1pc, Push switch 1pc
  8. Voltmeter small 1pc (Optional)
  9. Led 1pc Red, 1pc Green
  10. 2.5mm Female Socket 2pc

Importence Of Mini Wi-Fi Router

Sure thing! Imagine a mini UPS like a tiny superhero for your WiFi router. You know how sometimes the power suddenly goes out, and your internet stops working? Well, a mini UPS helps with that. It’s like a little backup battery that kicks in when the main power goes away. This way, your WiFi keeps on working, and you can stay connected to the internet, even during surprise power cuts. This is super handy, especially if you’re working from home or need the internet for important stuff. So, a mini UPS is like a little guardian angel for your WiFi, making sure it doesn’t let you down when you need it most!

How To Make This Mini Wi-Fi Router Circuit Watch Video

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