How To Convert a Voltmeter into an Ammeter

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How To Convert a Voltmeter into an Ammeter

In the field of electronics, two significant tools used for measuring current and voltage are the ammeter and voltmeter. While these two instruments are used for different purposes, there may be situations where it is necessary to convert a voltmeter into an ammeter, particularly when professional equipment is not available or when one has budgetary constraints. In this article, we will guide you through the simple process of converting a voltmeter into an ammeter using some basic components.

Convert a Voltmeter into an Ammeter

In order to begin the conversion process, it is crucial to possess a rudimentary comprehension of the principles behind the function of voltmeters and ammeters.

A voltmeter is an instrument that gauges voltage, which is the variance in electrical potential between two points in an electrical circuit. When examining a component or circuit, voltmeters are attached in parallel, enabling them to determine the voltage across it.

In contrast to voltmeters, ammeters are utilized to gauge the flow of electrical charge through a circuit. This flow is referred to as current. Ammeters function by being linked in a series with the circuit or component, and measure the current that is passing through it.

Transforming a voltmeter into an ammeter is a process that can be accomplished by following some simple steps. It is important to note that this conversion process should only be done by individuals with proper electrical knowledge to avoid any risks of injury or damage. The first step involves selecting an appropriate shunt resistor and connecting it in parallel with the ammeter. Following this, the ammeter should be calibrated to ensure accurate measurements. Finally, the voltmeter should be disconnected and replaced with the newly modified ammeter to measure electric current instead of voltage.

If you have a voltmeter that you wish to transform into an ammeter, it is necessary to make changes to its internal circuitry. Below are the instructions to follow in order to carry out this modification:

If you lack experience, it is important to recognize the potential dangers of working with electronic circuits. It is crucial that you take necessary safety measures to protect yourself, such as disconnecting the power source and utilizing appropriate safety precautions.

Materials and Tools You Will Need

  1. A Digital voltmeter
  2. A low-value resistor (usually less than 1 ohm) 5W-10W
  3. 1K Resistor 1/4w, VR 10K
  4. Soldering iron and solder
  5. Wire
  6. A small screwdriver

Connection Diagram For Voltmeter To Ammeter Conversion

How To Convert a Voltmeter into an Ammeter

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