Snapchat Planets In Order 2023: Solar System Explained

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Snapchat Planets in order

Snapchat and its new updates! after I first heard about Snapchat Planets, I virtually concept it changed into a typo for plans. And it pressured me why humans are curious approximately Snapchat plans. but, after a little digging, I realized it’s simply Snapchat Planets in order.

So, if you’re pressured, too, just dangle in there. In this texti can speak the whole lot you need to understand about Snapchat Planets, its order, and so much extra. This article is a best guide to know everything about Snapchat Planets in order (Snapchat Solar System) 

What do the planets mean on snapchat solar system

As the name suggests, Snapchat Planets represent unique solar systems within the Snapchat platform. In this scenario, you take on the role of the sun, while the other planets (arranged by their sequence) symbolize nearby Snapchatters.

Snapchat planets in order: Now imagine that one of your Snapfriends is assigned to Mercury, and since Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, this Snapchatter is also the closest to you. Likewise, if someone is assigned Neptune, they may be one of your close friends, but not close enough. With that in mind, let’s look at the order of the planets in the next section.

What are the different planets on snapchat ( Snapchat Planets in Order )

Depending on the planet’s distance from the sun, your Bitmoji (or, should I say, Friendmoji) will also look different. This means that Bitmoji will feel closer and friendlier to your Mercury-coded friends if there are lots of hearts around. On the other hand, the distance to Neptune will be quite far. Plus, body language can be wrong and a real smile won’t appear. (It’s about giving real fake friends.)

Regardless, the following Snapchat planets are listed in order:-

1. Mercury

snapchat planets order

As already mentioned, Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Based on your activity with your friend, whether through regular Snaps or the number of Snaps you send each other, Snapchat’s algorithm will classify him as your Mercury.

Mercury is a pink planet surrounded by red hearts. And friendmoji seems to be most comfortable with open body language and loving gestures, showing that the two of you are each other’s best friends.

2. Venus

snapchat planets best friends list

Considered as our second companions, the Venus Friendmoji showcases the girl on the planet with altered eyebrows indicating a hint of uncertainty. Although the body language remains unchanged, the facial expressions are distinctive in portraying vulnerability.

Venus:Surrounded by purple and blue hearts, Venus is a unique beige planet.

3. Earth

snapchat planets meaning

Now, as the planetary order starts to descend, you may notice that the friend moji becomes less friendly and moves slightly away from the sun person.

Earth: In Earth’s case, friendmoji looks genuinely happy and relaxed, but the hand over heart gesture disappears. Also, the color scheme is similar to Earth, consisting of greens and blues. Also, it is surrounded by red hearts and the moon.

4. Mars

friend solar snapchat planets order

Mars is an aggressive planet, it is a beautiful red planet with blue and purple hearts around it. Considering Friendmoji, it looks a bit hesitant, with a head-scratching gesture that suggests nervousness.

Mars: It’s just one of those situations where you feel close to someone, but the level of intimacy is undefined, if that makes sense. You measure distances subconsciously.

5. Jupiter

snapchat planets

Jupiter is an orange planet without a heart. You know when you feel comfortable enough with someone to say hello and exchange a simple message.

Jupiter: Overall, Friendmoji seems happy with the distance between them. So it was an introduction to getting to know each other.

6. Saturn

snapchat planets best friends

Saturn is a yellow planet with a ring around it. Again, no hearts, but Friendmoji looks attractive. That said, if you pay attention to Sun and Friendmoji’s facial expressions, they look happy.

Saturn: The distance can’t be too close to cause discomfort, but it can’t be too far. Just right!

7. Uranus

best friends snapchat planets in snapchat solar system

Well, Uranus is tricky! If you look closely at the situation on this green planet, everything has gotten out of hand.

Uranus: Both Friendmoji and Sun are getting a little tired of their so happy and welcoming energy. The smile is warm, but Friendmoji’s expression is a little off.

8. Neptune

snapchat planets list

Neptune, the fantasy star, lives up to its name!
Neptune: The blue planet often exudes the energy of people lost in their own world. And if you observe the body language of friends Moji and Sun, the former is completely turned away from the latter, while the latter has a straight face.
Overall, you can see them face to face, but Friendmoji’s body language is entirely inferred from the environment.
In simple terms, it’s almost like the relationship teens have with their families. Bittersweet.

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