A Step-up circuit receives a lower voltage and produces a higher Output to be used where that higher voltage is not available. DC To DC Voltage Booster Circuit have lots of uses with most common on battery operated applications.

This is a Simple DC To DC Voltage Booster Circuit . The Input voltage can be as low as 1 V – 1.5V DC and can provide 20VDC Output.

DC To DC Voltage Booster Circuit 1.5 V To 20 V

DC to DC Voltage Booster circuit diagram

Parts List:

  1. Transister 2n2222 , 
  2. Diode IN4007 ,
  3. Resister 47 ohm ,
  4. Toroid from Old CFL ,
  5.  1mm (18AWG) insulated copper wire , Please see full video for detail

How Circuit Works

Here is an interesting circuit of 1.5 V to 20 V converter Circuit  from an ordinary 1.5V AA sized cell. At the heart of this circuit is transistor 2n2222 you can use S9013. 

This charger circuit will step up the voltage from 1.5V to 5V DC. The circuit uses only an AA or AAA 1.5v battery (1V to 2.4V).  The charger is composed of simple oscillator, a rectifier, and voltage regulator. 

The feedback winding F is composed 5 turns of #30 AWG magnetic wire and main winding P is composed of 6 turns of #24 AWG wire. 

The windings are not critical, and you can experiment using different number of turns. If ever the charger doesn’t have any output, try to reverse the winding connection.


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